Marianne and Pamela co-founders of Patina & Hue

Marianne and Pamela co-founders of Patina & Hue

A letter from Pamela:
Patina & Hue is a blog, a conversation and an exchange about art, design and style. It is for me a natural continuation of conversations that Marianne [ I call her M ] and I started many years ago. We met on Maui in the mid 90s while working on a design and marketing project. Back in those days we would use tear sheets from magazines of the latest handbag or shoes to share with one another or run down to a local boutique to see what had just arrived. It was easy then because we lived close to one another. Eventually, we both left Maui and moved states apart. That is when we started using technology like Skype and FaceTime and more recently Viber to share our ideas, help one another choose just the perfect thing for an upcoming function (calls from many women's dressing rooms) and shipping by overnight courier jewelry, scarves, and handbags to round out an outfit for an event. [ M, I still have your gold Swarovsky® clutch from a few charity events ago!...UGH...sorry].

The name Patina & Hue came out of earlier conversations about vintage and antique jewelry [M's passion] and color, art and design [ I love it all! ].  About a year ago we started the discussion of expanding our conversations to include women 40 and up who have similar style interests.  We will also be featuring women who we find inspirational and hope that you feel the same. This blog is an invitation to join the conversation. Please email us with any ideas you would like to see discussed and we will see if we can get it on the schedule.

Thank you,

Pamela Quigley
Patina & Hue Co-founder  

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A letter from Marianne:
I am excited about the launch of Patina & Hue! Pamela [I call her P] and I have talked about this project for a really long time but busy lives and other work kept us putting it on the back-burner. A blog is the perfect venue for us to share the things we love with one another and other like-minded women.

I first met P while working on a design project together. Her sense of style and design resonated with my own. As we shared more and more with each other we realized we had an ongoing dialogue. Thus began our friendship of nearly twenty years and it continues to flourish.

Back to you P, I have no idea what we would’ve done all these years without technology to keep us connected? Indeed. Looking back when we were limited to using just the phone and email it was often frustrating for us, but thankfully it’s just gotten better over time. All the various modes of communication you mentioned helped us to continue our exchange from a distance.

I also laugh because how many times now do we call each other from a dressing room and then text pictures of something we were thinking of buying – a lot. Nowadays this is what we women do with the girlfriends we trust. This is so much better than when one of us would mail a photo of ourselves in an outfit from an event we’d recently attended asking the other what we thought of it. Only then to get the honest response, “That’s not your color,” and it’s too late to return it.  

So, we’ve kept in touch by regularly exchanging stories of our lives with one another as well as exchanging what we find currently inspiring.

We hope you will join in the conversation! [P, I forgot about that handbag. I guess it’s yours by now!]

Thank you,

Marianne Bruvel
Patina & Hue Co-founder