Color Trend for Fall: Dramatic Reds

Cultivating Personal Style
Like many of my friends I enjoy flipping through fashion magazines and wandering through beautiful boutiques and high end retailers to see what is new. It is exciting to see what designers are coming up with and add a few pieces each season. Before shopping for anything new it is a good idea to know what you have in your closet that can work as a staple as you add in new pieces to build upon what you already have. Style unlike fashion, is an extension of who we are and once we have a sense of our own style it becomes easier to cultivate our look.

Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess
~ Edna Woolman Chase

Style starts by embracing all the funny, funky, unique parts of ourselves instead of seeing clothing and accessories as a means to an end or a way to cover up an unaccepted part of our bodies that might reveal some "imperfection".  For me style is not serious at all, it is a form of self expression and helps me create order in the chaos of style options that surround us at retail.

In the vast ocean of brands, styles, fabrics, price points and virtually endless options how does one create their own personal style? I recently had a great conversation with Growing Bolder Radio where we began a discussion of how to go about this. I love the idea that we all can cultivate our own style by embracing what is unique and beautiful within ourselves. The first step is to recognize ( and then clear out) the old mental clutter of negative self-talk, that for many of us is decades old. Then we can get on with the the adventure of uncovering what our personal style is all about. When asked about style, one of my favorite contemporary designers, Rachel Zoe stated that: "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." Brilliant!

Recently, I have been having fun putting together several trend boards for Fall 2015. This first one, above, Dramatic Red is a collection of gorgeous looks with classic lines. Although they are on-trend for this coming season they are also timeless looks. You can click on the image block above and it will take you to a shopping site to see those specific pieces or you can just look for similar items and colors when you are out shopping. 

Dramatic Reds 
Last January Pantone© announced that Marsala was their pick for the color of the year. It seems it is also the color this fall season with a variety of reds to choose from. Click here to see the Patina & Hue article about Marsala from last January. I have long adored red for its fun, upbeat vibe but deeper shades within the red family (burgandy, wine, marsala) are timeless and elegant. Some of these darker reds veer toward  purple so you will want to make sure to try on a few hues to see how they look against your skin color. These dramatic reds would look amazing paired with camel, tobacco, navy, denim, gray, warm whites and black. Have fun looking for a dramatic red piece to add to your wardrobe and tell us in the comments section below if you find something amazing!

Happy Fall and thanks for reading.


P&H Interview for 1010 Park Place

Pamela + Marianne in Texas |   1010 Park Place  article | photo by  Jennifer Denton

Pamela + Marianne in Texas |  1010 Park Place article | photo by Jennifer Denton


We are always on the lookout for style savvy blogs that are focused on women 40+ and love what 1010 Park Place is doing. So it goes without saying, that we were thrilled when this New York based shopping site and blog invited us to be featured in their style section. If you haven't had the chance yet we highly recommend you jump over and stroll through their: Style Inspiration, Brenda's Blog and see the fabulous finds in the 1010 Park Place Shop. Thank you to the 1010 Park Place team for featuring Patina & Hue, it was very fun!

To see the our interview click here.
All photos ©Jennifer Denton

Clutch Crush: Tesler + Mendelovitch

 variety of wood finishes  offered on these gorgeous geometric clutches by  TESLER + MENDELOVITCH 

 variety of wood finishes  offered on these gorgeous geometric clutches by TESLER + MENDELOVITCH 

Textile artists: Tesler and Mendelovitch in their studio

Textile artists: Tesler and Mendelovitch in their studio

African Clutch

African Clutch

Great White Clutch

Great White Clutch

Ebony Clutch

Ebony Clutch

Question: What is more interesting: a unique artist made handbag or a big-name brand bag? 
P&H answer: Tesler + Mendelovich

Yes, it is easy to fall in love with a handbag made from Italian leather like Gucci's latest leather and bamboo backpack, or a chic Chanel or Bottega bag.... but it is even more amazing when you fall in love with an artist made handbag. In addition it isn't the most expensive handbags (or jewelry, or get the idea) that consistently draw attention from friends. It is 99% of the time something that is well designed, unique and often not well known that leads friends to ask "where did you get THAT?". M and I both share a love of artist driven design and fell head-over-heels for these T + M clutches several years ago. They are high design and a splurge we highly support! If you do not currently own a wood clutch this is the one to get.

Tesler + Mendelovich are a Televivian couple who met in school and work as a textile team—developing materials that they transform into products. There clutches can be seen online and come in a few sizes with a wide variety of wood options. The largest one "Great" is very large so make sure you look on their site under "Reviews" to see the scale of a few of the "Great" pieces. Each clutch is sent in a sustainable handmade wooden box for storage (see image below). 

See a short vimeo on this dynamic artist couple here.  Visit their site to see their complete line here. Each clutch is made upon order with a 6-8 week turnaround time. Orli let me know that they ship all over the globe through FedEx. Delivery takes between 24-48 hours once shipped. 

"...once the clutch has been picked up by courier we send the client a FedEx tracking link as well as a digital lifetime warranty and care guide which is a digital PDF booklet (sent by email) that contains information about their chosen wood, a care guide and also has the clients personalized catalog number for future reference."

If you end up ordering please let us know what you think in our comments section. Also-wooden handbags/clutches have gained in popularity over the last few years. If you know of an artist who is making unique, high design bags please let us know.