Mother's Day luxe gift guide...We just made it really easy!

It is April 23rd which means we don't need to panic yet as we have over two weeks until Mother's Day [May 10th]. This year we decided to be proactive and publish our little helpful shopping guide early so there is plenty of time to get these great gifts ordered. Our list is short but will get you headed in the right direction. If you are a Mom-please forward this to your husband/partner or adult children so they can do the heavy lifting. 

A few words about Mother's Day:
• It is true that Mom feels great to be remembered, but that doesn't mean ordering from a generic florist is always the answer! Bouquets of her favorite flowers [with less filler such as leaves and babies-breath] will always be appreciated. Think luxe, personal and something that will remind her of you. 

• Mom is all about good memories! Send her something that means something to her. Like a necklace with her initials, or a monogrammed bag like above. Please don't overdo it with a huge monogram, in this case small and understated is the best solution. 

• Was there a special trip you took with your Mom or a place you like to go together? The museum or theatre? What about theatre tickets? Mom's like to spend time with their kids. 

• Books are ALWAYS a good idea. We cannot get enough of them. We stack them on our shelves, on the floor, by the fireplace, on the ottoman, near the all that inspiration, fashion, funny pets, artists, designers and so on. Below is a list of a few of our favorites: 

• The last gift that I think is brilliant i[it includes multiple gifts in one is the Mother's Day Bundle on Huckberry. For $89.98 plus shipping you get a photo frame, a bag of espresso beans, a candle, a card, a labradorite necklace and a lovely yellow wrapping cloth. Click here to view. 

The best gifts are always the one's that are the most personal; the artwork on our shelves from our children, nieces and nephews when they were little. If you can make artwork for your mom I would say that is the best gift you can give her! Otherwise, please refer to the list above and happy shopping. 

p.s. Could someone please forward this to my husband!  — P ;-)