Rae Cosmetics: Austin, Texas

Rae Cosmetics: Austin, Texas

Pamela: Blouse:  Karina Grimaldi  / Leggings: Vince  / Wedge boots: Stuart Weitzman Marianne: blouse: L'agence /  pants: KARL LAGERFELD / Shoes: MICHAEL KORS

Pamela: Blouse:  Karina Grimaldi  / Leggings: Vince  / Wedge boots: Stuart Weitzman
Marianne: blouse: L'agence /  pants: KARL LAGERFELD / Shoes: MICHAEL KORS

Many of us have been crazy about makeup since we were young and our mothers first allowed us to experiment with mascara and lip gloss. While others came to makeup later in life when our skin started changing and people were asking "are you tired?" NO, WE ARE NOT TIRED! We just need a little boost and we are party ready!

Below you will find a list of our favorite makeup tricks that we know you will love because they add a more youthful glow! We are also providing links to all of the products to help you find them more easily. 

Makeup Tip #1: 
Give your cheeks a visual lift!
When applying this highlighter/bronzer use it VERY sparingly to the uppermost part of your cheeks. It can look clown-like if overdone;  a delicate amount is all that is needed.
• Apply bronzer after you have applied powder or cream blush
• Take  a tiny drop - the size of a pin head – on your index finger for each cheek. Start by dabbing the top of the apple of your cheek, following the uppermost part of your cheekbone, and then gently blend, blend, blend. 

Makeup Tip #2: 
Brightening your eyes can give you 10 years back!

This is our secret weapon and can be used in several areas around the eye.
• Use is to line the inside of the inner eye with it – that little lip just above your lower lashes. Pull your lower lid down with your opposite hand to lightly cover the ridge between your eye and lower lid. 
• Apply it lightly to the inside or outside corners of the eye (be sure to blend it well)
• In a rush and only have time for lipstick and mascara? It only takes a second to line your upper eye lid with a quick sweep of this pencil and blend well with your finger. You’ll look like you’ve slept like a baby.

Makeup Tip #3: 
Kiss-proof lips and more!

To get a healthy (rosie) glow on your lips try this liquid stain that works with all complexions. Kiss proof, smudge proof and super sheer - you’ll get that bee stung look when you use it on your lips (and you can use it on  your eyelids and cheeks for additional rosie glow). Apply it as base before your lipstick or lip gloss; as your lipstick wears off you will still have beautiful color on your lips. 

Makeup Tip #4: 
A little sparkle never hurt nobody!

New Order Blush by Nars is fabulous but needs to be used sparingly!
• Lightly sweep your index finger across the product and delicately apply to your cheekbones. When we say "a little sparkle" we mean just a little!
• This is also a flirty fix for your eyes. With a tiny amount on your index finger tap [ a tiny amount! ] onto your upper eyelid, on the inside corners of your eye and/or under your lower lid beneath your eye lashes. Did we mention…USE VERY SPARINGLY! Unless you are going to a Cher concert [or reliving the 70s in some other way! ]

Makeup Tip #5:
Right now it is all about the brow!

As our eyebrows both define and frame our face a brow definer is a must have to elevate the look to the next level. This brow definer is one of our favorites as it gives beautiful results!! It stays on for a long time—doesn't wear off and washes off easily with soap or cleanser. It sets instantly and is indelible. The design of the felt-tip, brush-like applicator allows you to be very precise with the application. So go ahead, give your eyes the drama they deserve because nothing is sexier than great, standout brows!
• Fill in between your brow follicles, following your natural brow arch. Do not over draw the outside edges of your brow as it may look too dominant and heavy. 

Makeup Tip #6:
The eyes have it!

Big, bold lashes for evening can be very sexy if done right.  "More is more" does not apply here however! You want to avoid overworking your lashes [ remember Tammy Fay's lashes way back when? Not our goal here! ] A dramatic eye can be the perfect look for an evening out and you will need a great mascara to get the look without the glop! We love this mascara by L'Oreal—it does an excellent job of thickening and lengthening.
• After you have applied all of your eye makeup your mascara will go on last
• First use a lash curler to add drama to your lashes
• Apply the mascara to the underside of the lower lashes, separating any lashes that may stick together 
• Lightly apply mascara to the top of the lashes at the ends as well as on the underside at the ends to thicken
• Sometimes we use a waterproof mascara on our lower lashes to avoid a blackened look into the evening
• Apply a light amount of mascara to your lower lashes just on the tops of the lower lashes

Because you will need the best brushes for great results check out these brushes by Rae Cosmetics!

Now that you have all of the tools and tricks it is time to go have some fun! Drop us a quick note to tell us what you think of the above products. 

Special thanks to Rochelle of Rae Cosmetics. We love your store and your products! Thank you also to Anastasia and Shane our makeup artists.