Marsala: Pantone's© Newest Darling [ 2015 Color of the Year ]

At the start of each year Pantone© announces their top color choice for that year. Home décor, textile, cosmetics, clothing and accessories manufacturers, among others, rely on Pantone© for the science behind their color choices and follow suit with new products guided by this research. In 2014 the color of the year was Radiant Orchid, and although I liked the color I did not find myself rushing out to add it into my wardrobe or home. This year is different, however, as I'm digging their color pick for 2015 even though this years color choice led to some controversy --stating that Marsala was a throwback from the past. It is really hard to get an accurate read on this color if you are only looking at a computer screen— [ your screen will interpret the color to its own calibrations ] so think about Marsala, the color for 2015, as Pinot Noir meets deep wine with a hint of a dusty rose. Many of you will say--"we already lived with this color decades ago--and don't want to revisit it"...however Marsala is a great neutral and will pair nicely with other wine or burgandy colors. It can be easily introduced into your home or wardrobe as an accent to spice up your other neutrals and it feels more modern than its early predecessor. Pair it with your jeans and look for t-shirts and accessories in the grays, and other more subtle colors coming this spring. For more info see Pantone© color picks for Spring 2015

To use Marsala on your design projects go to Pantone© Color Formulas for RGB, CMYK and web safe formulas.