Women [we know and adore] on the red carpet

You may remember our post about about Dr. Nicole MacLaren last month. She recently turned up on the red carpet (above left) with her sister, and best friend, Michelle, at the Emmys a few weeks ago.  

Michelle MacLaren is the Executive Producer of the hit TV show Breaking Bad and the recipient of numerous awards including: 

2 Emmys: Outstanding Drama Series
Golden Globe: Best Drama TV Series
PAG (Producers Action Guild) award
Emmy Nominated Outstanding Director, 2010, 2013, Breaking Bad

Nicole wore a stunning asymmetrical Roberto Cavalli and Michelle's to-die-for, midnight–blue dress was designed for her by L'ezu

In my next life I would like to be a MacLaren sister, but for now I am happy to share this photo and  just how fabulous, talented and beautiful these sisters truly are.

P, there is nothing more sexy then two successful women who happen to be sisters rocking that award ceremony. 
M, Completely inspiring, self-made women. 
What about keeping this ball rolling and ask our friends and followers to nominate a woman that they find inspiring? Then we can select our favorite nominee and feature her in our inspiration section.
P, love that idea, lets post that on our facebook page.
Thank you Nicole and Michelle for letting us post this great photo of the two of you together.