Hanging Herb Garden

I have mentioned how much I love summer so many times now that I'm starting to sound like I should relocate to a warm, beach side community! With only about 6 to 7 weeks left of summer in our mountain town I'm trying to finish my summer outdoor projects and still taking advantage of each sunny day. My projects this summer have included putting in a fountain, a stone patio and gardening. The wall garden shown above was easy install and I love the results!

A friend gave me a black wall planter made of a hardy composite/fiberglass a few months ago. I hung it with heavy duty screws to the wall in my back patio and planned on using it for succulents that would require little water. I ended up changing my mind and planting an herb and veggie wall garden instead. I purchased mint, peppermint, marjoram, strawberries, cabbage and oregano in small containers and transferred them to larger containers. The shelves are on a slight slant and I can water directly into the planter or take the small pots out and water more thoroughly.

I can now walk out my back door and easily harvest for salads, pasta, garnishes and more from my patio plus it looks great!

P, I love this idea! How big is this box and can you move it inside for the winter?

M, It is around 30" wide x 35" tall. It is a nice size for my smaller back patio wall. I don't think I will move it into the house but will cover the box and replant in the spring. I will experiment with more herbs next year. I loved the idea of planting strawberries so the vines would grow long at the bottom but so far they have not done as well as they usually do with a regular strawberry planter. But plenty of mint!