Fear no denim: Boyfriend Jeans


Recently M and I have been discussing jeans. Funny that a seemingly easy-breezy piece of clothing could ignite such fiery dialog among women! I love jeans and have no problem shopping for them; feeling absolutely no guilt wearing them dressed up or dialed down. M, however, hates jean shopping and would rather go in for a root canal or have all of her wisdom teeth pulled. Really. 

When we were 20 years young jeans were a no-brainer. You bought what you could afford and you rocked them—not the other way around! Since that time jeans have tripled or quadrupled in price, and the perfect pair of jeans can take a little more consideration.

For wardrobe planning we recommend at least two pair of skinny jeans (one casual and one dressy), a boot cut, a flair and a boyfriend jean. This will allow you to mix in your favorite heels, riding boots, ankle boots and flats. I love the look of the Boyfriend Jean (BFJ)  but did not own a pair as I considered them to be for teenagers....until we decoded them recently. 

The Boyfriend Jean
This look can be quite charming if pulled together with the right top, shoes and accessories. 

When shopping:
• Look for a slim cut jean–not a skinny–that hangs a little lower on your hips. The boyfriend cut by definition is made to be a looser fit so you can typically find them in your exact jean size. Don't purchase them too slouchy as you need to feel great in them. 

• Roll-up the bottom of the jean at the ankle two times and pair with a low-cut booty. If you don't like your ankles try a slightly higher cut booty. No socks showing!

Shop your closet:
• Add a casual jacket or relaxed blazer–unbuttoned–over your t-shirt or button down. The look should be casual and appear effortless.  

• With the jean being a little more loose then usual it is best to add a soft blouse or t-shirt with some structure. Avoid wearing an overly slouchy t-shirt or sweatshirt as too much slouch can scream, "It's laundry day"!

• For a sexy look, pair with strappy heels and a blazer, and then add jewelry.

M, loves to say, "pile on the jewelry", or "junk it up", both are her way of saying, layering your jewelry is fun and really works with this look. 


P, as we worked on this look together it became obvious that women of all heights look great in boyfriend jeans. It is not just for the gazelle-like, 20-something models. 
M, seriously, I have not been a big fan of baggy jeans. But, after trying on several pair I realize that women in the 5 foot + height range can pull off this trend. 
P, how fun to shop your closet with you and find all of those pieces that worked with this look, and to have only invested in the jeans! Nice.
M, thanks for helping on this endeavor! I really love this look; it may not have happened without you. I just discovered this gorgeous book that is not only well designed but a great resource and fun gift. Take a look at it below!