Happy Birthday Divine Miss M!

Miss M at 6 and today. She was setting trends even back then! 

Miss M at 6 and today. She was setting trends even back then! 

Today I would like to celebrate, our dear friend and my business partner Marianne! It is her birthday and I'm not saying which birthday this is -- but it hardly matters as she doesn't seem to age!!

M, below is a poem that I thought you might like. Cheers to our long-lasting friendship! 

Girlfriends by Ellen Dorén
"First and last, mirrors
whose secrets we keep in a home-made petrie dish
(sometimes they give us ideas)
I mean the ones who say the unwelcome when it matters
whose kids watch us for clues
whose kids we watch for clues

Not the ones who decided there was too much too true 
     of them in our eyes, and ran, 
but the ones who'll be around to see us bald or one-breasted
     and we them
who'll know to say what can't be said
whose bodies, spreading or starved, we love
whose husbands (or lack of) it's okay to disapprove or almost covet
whose girlfriends are ours by proxy
who share these assumptions and would their last
     Godiva, valium, amulet
The lifers
who, even seven states away, are the porches
where we land"
from the book: "she walks in beauty: a woman's journey through poems"
selected and introduced by Caroline Kennedy

Happy Birthday Marianne! Thank you for sending the adorable photos, it was hard to choose just one. Who knew you were a little blond back then! 

Calling all friends of Marianne! Today is her birthday and I'm hoping everyone will jump onto this post and wish her a very happy birthday in the comments box below! Or tell us about your best friend and why you love him or her!