Designer Alexander McQueen

A few years ago, when a FedEx truck failed to deliver boxes needed to set up a trade show booth, I wasted no time, ran out of the Javitz center in NYC and grabbed the first taxi I could find to take me directly to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I knew the Alexander McQueen exhibit had recently opened to rave reviews but I also believed I would not be able to attend due to my heavy work schedule that week. So when I found myself a few moments later, in a taxi heading toward the MET, I was almost giddy in disbelief! I had been following his work since the late 1990s and knew he was a cutting edge designer with designs women dream about. You can see the progression of his work on the Alexander McQueen website by selecting the dates of previous collections.

The exhibit was life changing for me. This may sound dramatic but seriously I had always kept a division in my mind between art and fashion. I understood that one could influence the other but up until that exhibit I saw the two as separate disciplines with one being content rich while the other was an object of adornment. The exhibit turned out to be an intersection of strong conceptual thinking, art history, fashion, brilliant use of materials and subsequently my appreciation and love affair began. I wish everyone could have seen this exhibit! There was an exhibition publication that is worth every penny of the now $29. price tag. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty is a must have for all lovers of art and design.

P,  sure wish I had attended that exhibit with you. Alexander McQueen has been one of my all time favorite designers because of how he took unprecedented risks with his over the top dramatic flair.
M, so true, he wasn't afraid to experiment with ideas within culture and history. Did you see the Spring/Summer line from 1999? This was the first year I became aware of his work. A model came out at the end of the show in a white dress and was spray painted by robots. You can still see the video which is amazing! McQueen 1999 Spring/Summer Fashion Show Finale.
P, how could one forget the robots taunting the model! I also remember in 1997 the Union Jack coat he created for David Bowie's album cover "Earthling". We all wanted that coat, he was a genius
M, he just might go down in history as the brilliant, bad boy of fashion!