Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou has long been one of our hero's. M and I would infuse her wise words into discussions and or quote a strand from one of her poems that seemed to fit into the conversation. I first learned from her the idea that "when someone shows you who they are–believe them". This one powerful thought has so much imbedded meaning and is the tip of the iceberg of what she gave to all of us in her writing and in her interviews.

She was an American author, poet, dancer, and singer. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry, and was credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning more than 50 years. She received dozens of awards and over 30 honorary doctoral degrees. Angelou is best known for her series of seven autobiographies, which focus on her childhood and early adult experiences. The first, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, tells of her life up to the age of seventeen and brought her international recognition and acclaim.

Several months ago, I saw this quote from one of her books had been enlarged and made into an inspirational wall piece-above. I love the message it brings and am grateful that Maya Angelou left us with so many inspiring words to reflect upon. She passed away on Wed. May 28th at the age of 86 and we all felt the loss.