if you only had one day in paris......(sigh)

Yes, sadly, you hear of this happening once in awhile, but not purposefully! Your busy travel or work schedule abroad has somehow left you with only one day in Paris. What do you do? After you wipe the tears away...you pull yourself together and realize there is a cafe creme, vintage Chanel and a macaroon waiting for you.  If you have been to Paris in the springtime in the past, and are now forced to pass on more time intensive things such as a visit to the Louvre– you can experience another side of this charming city.

To prep for such an exercise in restraint, a friend gave me a wonderful book published by Chronicle, "Paris: An Inspiring Tour of the City's Creative Heart" by Janelle McCulloch. The author does a fabulous job of laying out the city by arrondissements from an insiders perspective and leading you on a path filled with hidden treasures that may not appear in standard guidebooks. Coco Chanel's favorite tea salon,  chic stationery and book stores, habedasheries, boulangeries , gourmet food markets, galleries and flea markets are all listed to help you have a truly magical visit whether curled up in your favorite chair or planning a trip soon. The author lives in Paris part of the year and is a talented photographer and writer.

{M, I saw on your Smithsonian post that you may be just a little blue that I went to Paris without you but the Smithsonian Craft Fair and Cherry Blossom's looked gorgeous and I love the artwork that you found!]