Bold + Graphic Prints

It is no secret that M stands at a statuesque 5'9" while I am nearly 4" shorter [at the national average height of 5'3"]. Our height difference is something we have joked about for years so when we are together often sport wedges or heels while M sometimes wears flats. I have been looking "up" for so many years now that I hardly notice anymore! 

No matter what your height, weight or age—developing a style that makes YOU FEEL GREAT is the name of the game. The fabulous thing about creating your own personal style is that you can accentuate the things you like about yourself; those attributes that are uniquely YOU. When putting together looks for this season go through your closet and see what staples you already have that are classic and lovely but could use a modern update. We both share a love for colorful accessories as well as  bold, graphic prints and believe everyone should have a least one or two to rely on in their wardrobe. Pair a bright, print or pattern scarf with a solid black {or other neutral } ensemble or wear your favorite bold/graphic print blouse with neutral slacks and shoes. To pull this look together make sure the colorful accessory or blouse has some of the neutral color in it to visually tie everything  together. 

Below you will find a few of our favorite prints to pair with the solid neutrals that are already in your closet as well as a fabulous maxi dress that is perfect for an escape to warm weather!