Rainy day boots we love

Trench coat: Burberry, Umbrella: Samsonite, Scarf: Madewell, Sunglasses: Maui Jim, Lips: MAC, Boots: Blondo

Trench coat: Burberry, Umbrella: Samsonite, Scarf: Madewell, Sunglasses: Maui Jim, Lips: MAC, Boots: Blondo

Rainy days often inspire me to stay indoors, make a cup of tea and read a good book.  When I do venture out I love to layer sweaters and scarves with a rain coat, a colorful umbrella and the right boots. Honestly, I am obsessed with boots and most likely have more than my fair share: riding, booties, cowboy, stiletto-heeled, over-the-knee, Docs and UGGS.

For years I have tried to wear my leather or suede boots year round but the moisture takes its toll so I have decided to shelve them during the wettest months this year. I have been looking for a new pair of boots that offer a timeless look that will be semi-invincible in the rain. Although I  want a  tall boot with a heel that I can wear with skinny jeans, skirts or dresses I also found some great options in riding boots. 

Apparently it is a great time of year to buy boots as I found all of the boots below ( excluding Hunter ) on sale for 20% off on Amazon.com while many were still priced at full retail elsewhere. 

Here is what I found:


What I discovered:
• Great price point ranging from $150.-$280. 
• Waterproofed leathers, sealed seams and outsoles
• Inner lining is thin to keep your feet warm 
• Timeless style available in brown as well as black
• Styles available include riding boots, booties, heels or wedges –among others
• Made in Canada


What I discovered:
• Higher price point than above ranging from $300.-$600. 
• Waterproofed leathers and suedes
• Timeless style available in browns and blacks 
• Styles available include riding boots, booties, heels or wedges 
• Offer 6 month waterproof guarantee
• Made in Canada and Europe


What I discovered:
• Price ranging from $150.-$325. 
• Traditional styles made of rubber / new leather and rubber designs this season
• Some of the color options can be trendy so you may want to go with a timeless neutral 
• You can jump into huge puddles and stay dry but the look is a little bulkier on the foot and leg
• Made in Scotland


What I discovered:
• Luxury price point ranging from $498-$798. for tall boots /  $498. for booties
• Waterproofed leather and suede
• Some styles offer a thin lining to keep your feet warm-check which one's before you buy
• Boots are treated with a unique protective process for weatherproofing
• Made in Italy

The thing I like about the boot brands above is that they all offer a wide range of styles that are well designed. I do recommend the waterproofed leather over the waterproofed suede– however, as I have found that the leather keeps a newer look for a longer time period. I also saw waterproofed ankle booties but prefer a taller boot when it comes to any serious puddles that might turn up!

Thank you to Michael Skarsten of Michael Skarsten Photography.
Michael has studio's in both California and Utah. He photographs 
everything from food and architecture to lifestyle and portraiture. 

You can see his work at: SkarstenPhoto.com