Add the luxe of camel to your wardrobe

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about spicing things up by adding berries and browns into your fall wardrobe. The other color we are seeing more of this season { and loving } is camel. Always a classic, I am happy that it is still going strong. Many of any of us already have a closet full of black, grey, white and brown—and camel is the perfect addition as it is an elegant neutral and looks lovely on almost everyone.

A camel coat, sweater or scarf is a must-have for your fall wardrobe and always looks smart whether paired with jeans or with more dressy attire. Since it is a timeless color you can allow yourself to splurge on a nice scarf or fall coat knowing that it will be a staple you can wear for years.

Before you consider buying something new this fall, take inventory of what you already have; sweaters, boots, coats and accessories that were tucked away during the summer months. Assess what you want to keep and what to donate. Keep the items that make you feel great every time you put them on and pass along items that are either looking tired or have stayed on the hanger in your closet for two years.

Let go or be draggedapplies not only to our lives but also to cleaning out our closets!

There are some gorgeous and timeless camel pieces out this fall. See a few of our favorites at the links below and consider the following when you are shopping:

• Patterned scarves in camel to pair with solid sweaters and turtlenecks you may already own

• A light to mid-weight camel coat–any length–from hip to full length will stay in style for years—think pea-coats, lightly insulated trenches and dusters  

• A Slightly over-sized cable knit sweater or boyfriend sweater in camel 



P, I adore the color block Current/Elliott turtleneck sweater you found! Beautiful! It would look great with jeans and boots for fall. I can see you in the Equipment cashmere turtleneck! Hey, don't you have that Burberry scarf already?

M, sadly I left that scarf on a plane coming home from Europe a couple of years ago. It was my favorite. I hope the flight attendant that ended up with it is enjoying it! ...and yes! I really like the the deep camel color of the Equipment turtleneck you mentioned.

Happy shopping! Let me know what you end up with!

M, ditto ;-)