Mother's Day luxe gift guide...We just made it really easy!

It is April 23rd which means we don't need to panic yet as we have over two weeks until Mother's Day [May 10th]. This year we decided to be proactive and publish our little helpful shopping guide early so there is plenty of time to get these great gifts ordered. Our list is short but will get you headed in the right direction. If you are a Mom-please forward this to your husband/partner or adult children so they can do the heavy lifting. 

A few words about Mother's Day:
• It is true that Mom feels great to be remembered, but that doesn't mean ordering from a generic florist is always the answer! Bouquets of her favorite flowers [with less filler such as leaves and babies-breath] will always be appreciated. Think luxe, personal and something that will remind her of you. 

• Mom is all about good memories! Send her something that means something to her. Like a necklace with her initials, or a monogrammed bag like above. Please don't overdo it with a huge monogram, in this case small and understated is the best solution. 

• Was there a special trip you took with your Mom or a place you like to go together? The museum or theatre? What about theatre tickets? Mom's like to spend time with their kids. 

• Books are ALWAYS a good idea. We cannot get enough of them. We stack them on our shelves, on the floor, by the fireplace, on the ottoman, near the all that inspiration, fashion, funny pets, artists, designers and so on. Below is a list of a few of our favorites: 

• The last gift that I think is brilliant i[it includes multiple gifts in one is the Mother's Day Bundle on Huckberry. For $89.98 plus shipping you get a photo frame, a bag of espresso beans, a candle, a card, a labradorite necklace and a lovely yellow wrapping cloth. Click here to view. 

The best gifts are always the one's that are the most personal; the artwork on our shelves from our children, nieces and nephews when they were little. If you can make artwork for your mom I would say that is the best gift you can give her! Otherwise, please refer to the list above and happy shopping. 

p.s. Could someone please forward this to my husband!  — P ;-)



The Art of Ruth Borgenicht

Ruth borgenicht 

Ruth borgenicht 

As you probably know by now we love discovering and sharing artists and designers who leave us wanting to know more about their work. Whether you are an avid art collector or an admirer of art we believe that Ruth's work is unique, smart and engaging so much so that you will remember it long after you see it. When viewing it up close you first notice the surface texture and beautiful form; if you pick up some of the smaller pieces you notice the weight of it in your hands. Upon closer inspection you see links woven together to create a chain mail that is rigid as well as movable. Ruth writes:

"Worn under Medieval armor, chain mail is made of tiny interlocking metal rings
designed to protect a body in motion. I use the chain mail pattern and other woven patterns to create ceramic works that conjure up a sense of permanence and defensive concealment. Like the ancient armor, my pieces are made of a fabric of moveable interlocking rings. Using clay to make a protective mesh is contradictory;
for how can it defend anything, much less itself? Visually stone-like, the pieces
appear strong and impenetrable, belying their inherent fragility."
Centipede collection  //  2' to 12'' in diameter   //   more  here

Centipede collection  //  2' to 12'' in diameter   //   more here

Subtle shifts in ring color appear as a ray of light //  Raked Light VI  // more wall works  here

Subtle shifts in ring color appear as a ray of light //  Raked Light VI  // more wall works here

 subtle gradations in color lend an ombre quality to FAlling Mist VII  //  Here

 subtle gradations in color lend an ombre quality to FAlling Mist VII  // Here

There is also a sophisticated sense of humor in many of her pieces. In the chain mail sculpture [above] Set Back Skyscraper, 2008, the block leans forward, bends back and twists to the side. This piece is named after set back laws in Manhattan in which buildings are required to be 2-3 stories tall in the front while the taller floors of the building are set away from the sidewalk, behind the entrances, to allow sunlight to fall into the street. We love how the piece begs to be manipulated and moved and almost takes on a soft and flexible quality while remaining rigid. 

"When I am showing my work in a gallery setting people often assume
that the work should not be touched. I want people to engage with it—that
interaction is part of the experiential aspect of the work"
MUII  //  Earthenware, 10 x 10 x 75"  //  here

MUII  //  Earthenware, 10 x 10 x 75"  // here

Portrait, 2007  // Wall work in which The three top rings are fixed while the the lower two are movable 

Portrait, 2007  // Wall work in which The three top rings are fixed while the the lower two are movable 

Ruth teaches at Fairleigh Dickinson University and The Art School at Old Church, both in NJ.
She has an undergraduate degree at Rutgers University in math.

Artist in residence programs:
Hunter College, NYC
Anderson Ranch, CO
Greenwich House Pottery, NYC
Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, ME
Chester Spring Studio, PA
University of the Arts, PA.

To contact the artist directly with inquires click here
For more information and to see a larger selection of her work visit: Ruth Borgenicht

Lets talk: Style + Design + Inspiration!

When we started our blog the goal was to create a place in which we could share style and design ideas as well as introduce stories about people who inspire us. We can say that it has been all of that and more over the last year and we want to thank all of you who have shared your stories, ideas and comments with us. You make this all worth it! 

If you are new to Patina & Hue please read about how we got started here or if you have been following us all along—below are a few of our posts that readers told us they really liked from the last year:

Coco Chanel: Making Men Uneasy
Fear No Denim: Boyfriend Jeans even if you are over 40!

Artist made Jewelry
The Depetra Sisters Jewelry

Robert Siegel Studio 

Our 4th of July post received the most Pins on Pinterest
While our story about Lucy Meyer received the most comments, feedback and donations


We are working on new ideas all of the time and welcome your input and feedback in our comments section. We would also like to invite you to email us with any ideas you have or want to share. If you like what we are doing please invite your friends and family to the conversation by sharing our link. 

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Marianne & Pamela
Patina & Hue

7 steps to create beautiful succulent & cacti mini-gardens for your home

As I sit here writing there are small snowflakes coming down outside my window. It is only early April and I am already daydreaming about long summer days. Setting up the patio for summer entertaining is still weeks away but I am getting a jumpstart on indoor gardening that can transition to the patio once the warm weather arrives. 

We recently asked our friend and style maven [with a green thumb], Anne Livingston, to show us how she creates her beautiful and unusual succulent and cacti arrangements. I spent an afternoon with Anne and learned a few of her tips for creating and caring for low water plants. They are easy to make and much more interesting than picking up a potted plant at the nursery. Follow her quick and easy steps below to create your own!

Cacti, black stones and A BUDDA CANDLE HOLDER make this an interesting center piece or patio planter

Cacti, black stones and A BUDDA CANDLE HOLDER make this an interesting center piece or patio planter

a variety of blue and green succulents planted in glass bowls  with white sand for the FINAL LAYER

a variety of blue and green succulents planted in glass bowls  with white sand for the FINAL LAYER



1. Find Your Vessels for Planting: 
Visit junk stores, antique stores and garage sales for unique finds. Don't settle for what you can find at the local gardening store. Think clear glass or old containers that can be repurposed. What objects would you enjoy seeing on your table or on your patio?  
Often it is the unexpected container that enhances the arrangement. Also consider bowls or dishes that are interesting and fit your mood or style: modern, natural, traditional, vintage and don't be afraid to mix it up a little. 


2. Objects for Your Mini-Garden:
Look for interesting—not overpowering objects that will enhance the planting. Allow yourself to experiment with some fun and unexpected objects:
• pebbles and rocks [ I've even used sand found at the pet store] 
• cast sand or small concrete objects [look at places like TJ Max, World Market, Pier 1 ]
• aquarium objects from the pet supply store
• beach glass 

3. Plant Selection:
Once you have your vessels for planting you will want to choose your plants. Most gardening stores have a good selection of succulents and cacti this time of year. You really cannot go wrong but below are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for your plants:  
• Color: combine colors like silver-blues, blue-greens, reds, bright greens
• Texture: spikes, fuzzy, smooth, nubby, the more textural variety the better
• Form: short leaves, round or flat leaves, small or broad pods, cascading tendrils, and upright growers
• Height: some succulents are low growers and can be placed in the front while the taller, more upright growers should be positioned near the back of the pot to create height and layering. 
• Remember that a variety of forms, textures, color and height will add interest


4. Potting Soil:
Ask your local gardening store to point you to the best soil for succulents and cacti. These plants like to have well drained soil and they do not do well in standing water. 

5. Planting: 
If you have a deep vessel for planting you can build it up with stones then add planting soil. Once you have the plants arranged the way you like them you can easily drop them into the dirt as they do not have deep roots. Once all roots are covered with soil you can add a top layer of white sand or pebbles to complete the look. 

6. Watering:
Good news—these plants do not like a lot of water. Drop ice cubes where you can on the soil to water every week or two. This is much more efficient and keeps the plants from getting over watered. Keep in mind that succulents and cacti have different watering requirements. Read the sun and water requirements for each and you may want to plant the succulents in a separate container than the cacti to help manage both better. Overwatering, resulting in root rot, is the most common mistake with succulents and cacti, and using a vessel without drainage is more likely to have that result. Sometimes if I'm modifying a vessel not intended for this use, I will drill holes at the bottom to ensure drainage. The other "Cheat " with succulents is that they will actually tell you if they are getting under-watered by becoming dimpled. Depending on the variety, their leaves act as cisterns—If they're thirsty. Suffice it to say less water is best versus overwatering. 

7. Sun, Sun and More Sun!
It goes without saying that succulents and cacti need lots of sunlight and indirect sun is fine.  Bear in mind, my dining room with a 20 foot awning outside is ANYTHING but direct, yet does the job for 6 to 8 months of the year when temps are too cold outside.

The main thing I want you to remember is to have fun with this project and let it be an extension of your taste and sense of humor. They also make really great gifts. 

Thank you for sharing this with us Anne!

Please let us know if you used any of her great ideas and email us photos of your project
and we will add them to our facebook page. Happy planting!



Shopping for floral pumps for spring: a personal first!


I have a confession—I've recently been daydreaming about floral shoes! If you know me—the last thing you would ever have expected [ in a million years ] is to hear those words pass my lips! I called M and asked her if she owns / wears floral shoes and she texted back a photo of a very tired pair that have not been worn in decades. So we are both now on a mission to find a pair in the next month. How have we gone this long without these little lovelies? No one in my life would ever expect to see me turn up at a lunch or party with my feet adorned in a floral print and it is for this very reason that I am moving full steam ahead on choosing the perfect pair! I will post my final decision early May on Instagram at: pamelaquigley. Please follow so you can receive the feed. 

I have several very good reasons for needing [translation: "justifying"] this purchase: 
1. I could wear them to lunch with friends or my hubby during the spring and summer months. They would look gorgeous with linen palazzo pants or white jeans.
2. I can pull on any old pair of denim jeans with this shoe and look totally put together. I'm thinking bellbottoms which allow only the front toe to show would be a great look.
3. If I have an upcoming wedding or other formal event I will be prepared ahead of time!
4. I love being tall on date nights as my hubby is 6' 1" to my 5'3".
5. Any of the florals will look great with dresses I already own: summer brights as well as neutrals.
6. I don't have any floral heels or pumps YET and will only buy them if they don't hurt my feet!
Gotta feel good to walk in!

If you are considering adding this feminine look to your wardrobe check out some of my "research" to the right and email us at Patina & Hue with photos of floral shoes you have or are thinking of getting. We will add your photos to our post early May! Happy Shopping!

Charming + Ethereal Paper Sculptures by Artist Duo: Papier à êtres®

photos:   ©Fabrice Besse

photos: ©Fabrice Besse

photos:   ©Fabrice Besse

photos: ©Fabrice Besse

photos:   ©Fabrice Besse

photos: ©Fabrice Besse

photos: ©Fabrice Besse

Several years ago I had the pleasure of attending a production in the Paris Opera House. Sadly, I cannot remember the name of the opera I saw that evening but I was struck by the luminescent, and ethereal paper sculptures that were perched on either end of the large scale counters in the lobby. It just so happened that over the next few days I would see the unique sculptures again in shop windows and in a gallery in downtown Paris. They were so lovely that I had to know more. 

About Papier à êtres
The award-winning artist team Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet have worked with paper for over a decade—each in their own way. They met in 2007 and by 2008 they were collaborating on "common creations, lighting sculptures, diaphanous and light."

Sophie attended art school and began working with paper by folding iand creating in paper mâché. Frédéric graduated with a degree in chemistry and is self-taught in paper-making. He has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and the United States to find the best techniques. He works only in white.

To create the Mademoiselle series (see photos above) Frédéric develops the lower part while Sophie shapes the top, figurative part. It is a true collaboration of talent and skill. 

"He structured the paper, she poetized it.
She exhibited in Paris, he in Toronto,
they met to Brouage.
And there was born the union of two beings of paper.

Since their works were outdone (Toronto, Paris ...) and seduced :
the gallery of the Opera of Paris, Charmey, TAAJ, Fleux
the Museum of the decorative arts of Paris,
the gallery Talents, Van Cleef & Arpels ...

Their works are long-lasting, realized with attention
and respect for the pleasure of their buyers."



PAPIER À ÊTRES® is featured along with other artists in this beautiful book. Click on the Title below to see a preview and where to get it!

PAPIER À ÊTRES® is featured along with other artists in this beautiful book. Click on the Title below to see a preview and where to get it!

Thank you Sophie & Frédéric for sharing your beautiful and inspiring work with us. We are huge fans and are daydreaming about a life size piece in our homes one day! What began as my simple inquiry for a table top sculpture has developed into a complete fascination—bordering on obsession!  
There is much more to see from this creative team—if you have a moment jump onto their website. Visit the PAPIER À ÊTRES® site HERE / Facebook Page HERE     
All photos ©Fabrice Besse. 


At the summit of Mt. Fuji in August 2014 with my 75 year old dad

At the summit of Mt. Fuji in August 2014 with my 75 year old dad

At the summit of Kilimanjaro February 2014

At the summit of Kilimanjaro February 2014

photos above: clockwise from top right: Wendy in a slot canyon near the Amangiri Spa in Southern Utah, October 2014; At the end of an Ireland trip with family; Summit day on Mt. Kilimanjaro; At the Livestrong headquarters. 

Wendy and I met initially while indoor cycling at Athletic Republic. I knew her as an amazing athlete and was told by several of our mutual friends that in addition to that she was also a completely inspiring person. A few weeks ago we met at Starbucks for a cup of tea and within a few short minutes I learned exactly what they were talking about. Wendy has achieved so much—from her years in Florida as a news anchor, to her many adventures which include summiting Kilimanjaro and completing multiple Ironman Triathlons. But it isn't just what Wendy has accomplished that makes her so inspirational—it is also her message of Living Fearlessly that I find a breath of fresh air. You don't hear that too often from women 40 and over. Taking risks and saying "YES" to life is an important message for us all to remember. Thank you Wendy for sharing your time and your story with us! 

Wendy Chioji

"In 2001, I was the main news anchor at the NBC affiliate in Orlando. I had just run the Boston Marathon and was training to do a cross-Florida adventure race. Until my doctor told me I had stage ll breast cancer. I was 39 years old at the time. I went through multiple surgeries, chemo, and a clinical trial, and obviously made it through to the other side. Up until that point in my life, I had done a lot of running races, adventure races, and a few triathlons. I was also entrenched in the Orlando community, donating countless hours of volunteer work and public speaking for non-profits in the area. I redoubled efforts in both areas of my life. I started doing Ironman distance triathlons (I’ve now done 6) and half Iron distance triathlons (I’ve done 24). I started raising money and support for Livestrong (with the podium of a tv station and generous friends and family, I have raised well over a quarter-million dollars for the organization). I was making sure that my Second Chance wouldn’t be wasted on  inertia.

 'The name of my blog is “Live Fearlessly,” and I believe it to be the mantra of my life.
It’s how I make decisions and choose adventures, options, even friends.'

A few years later, I realized that keeping busy "doing good" didn’t necessarily mean I would feel fulfilled. I had become increasingly disillusioned with my job and profession. I decided it was time to walk away. So I did. It took some finagling, but I left my 20-year position at the tv station and followed some friends out to Park City, Utah, where I have now happily lived since 2008. Here, my life is my own. I have loved and still love every day, never failing to look around and consciously note how lucky I am to live in this outdoor paradise full of like-minded people. It probably should have felt risky and scary to leave a stable job, friends I’d had nearly my entire adult life, and a town I’d been a part of for two decades, but it never did. 

To me, Living Fearlessly is making big life-changing decisions like the move to Utah… and saying “YES” to smaller opportunities and adventures on a regular basis. If your first response to an invitation or opportunity is “no” or is coming up with reasons that it won’t work, you are limiting your possibilities before you even get out of the gate. Say “YES,” and if you have to amend your commitment later, go ahead and do it. What’s the worst that could happen? I suppose moving to Park City, only having been here once before, could have ended disastrously… But I said “YES,” and it may have been the best decision of my life. Giving in to fear (or inertia) will paralyze you. So will "make do" because things are FINE. I’ve seen it happen, and there’s not much that makes me sadder or more irritated. 

Because I am now facing cancer for a third time. Standard chemo and radiation won’t work for me anymore. My only chance is to say "YES" to a clinical trial, experimental treatments that no one knows will work. I have no time or patience for fear or inertia. I am in one clinical trial and have lined up another one—if and when this one doesn’t work anymore. And in the meantime, I am saying "YES" to trips to Ireland and Australia and powder cat skiing in the Uintas and having reunions with old friends and launching fundraising cycling projects with Livestrong and Pelotonia (a new one, now run by an old friend). None of us know how long we have on this earth, and I believe our charge is to grab adventure by the throat at every chance. Live big. Live fearlessly.

"And always choose pie for breakfast." 
~ Wendy

To learn more visit the links below:



You can learn more about Wendy on her blog:

P&H Interview for 1010 Park Place

Pamela + Marianne in Texas |   1010 Park Place  article | photo by  Jennifer Denton

Pamela + Marianne in Texas |  1010 Park Place article | photo by Jennifer Denton


We are always on the lookout for style savvy blogs that are focused on women 40+ and love what 1010 Park Place is doing. So it goes without saying, that we were thrilled when this New York based shopping site and blog invited us to be featured in their style section. If you haven't had the chance yet we highly recommend you jump over and stroll through their: Style Inspiration, Brenda's Blog and see the fabulous finds in the 1010 Park Place Shop. Thank you to the 1010 Park Place team for featuring Patina & Hue, it was very fun!

To see the our interview click here.
All photos ©Jennifer Denton

Clutch Crush: Tesler + Mendelovitch

 variety of wood finishes  offered on these gorgeous geometric clutches by  TESLER + MENDELOVITCH 

 variety of wood finishes  offered on these gorgeous geometric clutches by TESLER + MENDELOVITCH 

Textile artists: Tesler and Mendelovitch in their studio

Textile artists: Tesler and Mendelovitch in their studio

African Clutch

African Clutch

Great White Clutch

Great White Clutch

Ebony Clutch

Ebony Clutch

Question: What is more interesting: a unique artist made handbag or a big-name brand bag? 
P&H answer: Tesler + Mendelovich

Yes, it is easy to fall in love with a handbag made from Italian leather like Gucci's latest leather and bamboo backpack, or a chic Chanel or Bottega bag.... but it is even more amazing when you fall in love with an artist made handbag. In addition it isn't the most expensive handbags (or jewelry, or get the idea) that consistently draw attention from friends. It is 99% of the time something that is well designed, unique and often not well known that leads friends to ask "where did you get THAT?". M and I both share a love of artist driven design and fell head-over-heels for these T + M clutches several years ago. They are high design and a splurge we highly support! If you do not currently own a wood clutch this is the one to get.

Tesler + Mendelovich are a Televivian couple who met in school and work as a textile team—developing materials that they transform into products. There clutches can be seen online and come in a few sizes with a wide variety of wood options. The largest one "Great" is very large so make sure you look on their site under "Reviews" to see the scale of a few of the "Great" pieces. Each clutch is sent in a sustainable handmade wooden box for storage (see image below). 

See a short vimeo on this dynamic artist couple here.  Visit their site to see their complete line here. Each clutch is made upon order with a 6-8 week turnaround time. Orli let me know that they ship all over the globe through FedEx. Delivery takes between 24-48 hours once shipped. 

"...once the clutch has been picked up by courier we send the client a FedEx tracking link as well as a digital lifetime warranty and care guide which is a digital PDF booklet (sent by email) that contains information about their chosen wood, a care guide and also has the clients personalized catalog number for future reference."

If you end up ordering please let us know what you think in our comments section. Also-wooden handbags/clutches have gained in popularity over the last few years. If you know of an artist who is making unique, high design bags please let us know.

40 Something & Single on Valentines Day

Apparently Valentines Day has become a day for battle of the sexes! Ok, some guys really are into Valentine’s Day but I find, from my recent personal dating experiences, that when I asked the guy how he felt about it - without hesitation – the response was an emphatic,

“I hate Valentine’s Day!”
Whoa! Stop the presses!!! Take it easy…I was just asking. Geesh! Relax…at nearly 50 years old I can afford to buy myself presents…

Jay Leno said it best for the guys:
Today is Valentine's Day. Or, as men like to call it, Extortion Day."

Fine. Be that way. 
No sexy lingerie for you underneath my rockin' red cocktail dress over a romantic dinner at my favorite restaurant. Whatever.

However, I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a moment to stop and tell those I care about how much I love them if I haven’t lately. That’s all. End of story. This quote from an unknown author says it best:  "Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning." 

Now go give someone you care about a hug and an I love you  ;)
Happy Valentine’s Day - EVERYONE,